In celebration of St. Patrick’s annual Light up the Knight fundraiser, students from the school got the chance to raise funds early and watch teachers participate in an outdoor dunk tank. This is the second year the dunk tank has been moved before the fundraiser.

“The kids get pledges from private donations and then the businesses, and this is part of it,” said St. Patrick’s teacher, Kayla Rothmeyer.

For $1 dollar, kids received three balls to throw in their attempt to dunk a teacher. Five teachers volunteered to be participates in the event.

“The kids like it so much that we just decided to bring the dunk tank here,” Rothmeyer said. “This is the second year that the dunk tank’s been here.

“It’s basically our biggest fundraiser and its not just for the students, its a total family involvement.”

The Light up the Night fundraiser will take place Sept. 30 at the high school track. Families can walk laps, which later turns into a competition to see who walks the most, as well as participate in games and activities.

“It’s at the track at the high school and we have carnival games, we have food, its our big fundraiser,” said Principal Eddie Diaz. “We have lanterns and we do a big release at the end.”

The event has been a successful for St. Patrick’s Catholic School in the past.

“We try to incorporate not just raising the money, but making it a family event,” Rothmeyer said.