On Friday, Sept. 8, the Perry Chamber of Commerce hosted the chamber coffee at the new chamber headquarters. Twenty-eight members were in attendance for the monthly meet-up.

Sven Peterson, City Administrator, gave a brief overview of how the co-working space will benefit start up businesses and offered tours of the building. The official ribbon cutting of the new office space will be in a few weeks, according to Peterson.

David Wright of Medicap, presented proceeds from the third annual car show to Gary Isles, Relay for Life Coordinator. The car show has grown over the three years with 62 cars in 2015, 75 cars in 2016 and well over 100 cars this year. Isles reminded everyone present that the purple toilets are about to be seen all over Perry in preparation for the Sept. 23 Relay for Life event.

The purple toilets have been part of the Relay for Life fundraising efforts in the past, where homes who inhabit the toilet are to donate in order to move the toilet out of their yard. Donations can be made to move the toilet out of the yard, put the toilet in another yard, or to specifically target a receiver.

Next month’s Chamber Coffee will be held at Haaland Financial. All Chamber members are welcome to attend.