John Andorf, current at-large Perry City Council member, announced during Tuesday’s council meeting that he is running for Mayor of Perry. Since Andorf will be potentially trading in his position for Mayor, Andorf’s seat is also now up for election.

“After our last council meeting, when we talked about needing candidates – tomorrow I’m going to Adel to turn in my nomination for mayor,” Andorf told the council.

Andorf said the decision came after weeks of deliberation.

“I’ve had the privilege and honor of working for the citizens of Perry as well as employees of the City of Perry for the last four years, and without that experience I don’t think I would run for mayor,” Andorf said.

During the August meeting, Mayor Jay Pattee announced his decision to no longer run for mayor, explaining his desire to have either someone new come into the position from outside of the council, or have a council member step into the role.

“I had been thinking and knew my term was ending,” Andorf said. “I decided that I would do it.”

If elector, Andorf told the council he looks forward to working alongside the current city council staff, along with potential new members.

Andorf’s At-Large seat will now be open for anyone interested in filling the position at city council.

“They will have until the 21st of Sept. to have 25 signature forums to get down to Adel,” Andorf said. ” I think it will be exciting to have someone new on the city council as well.”