On Wednesday, Aug. 30, Perry’s local McDonald’s experienced a short-lived fire scare around 10 p.m. The Perry Fire Department responded to the call, only to discover that the fire had been detained and the cause was detected after an inspection.

“They had an insulated pipe that they had a heat tape wrapped on and apparently the heat tape shorted out and started the insulation on the pipe on fire,” said Chris Hinds, Chief of Perry’s Fire Department.

Heat tape is used to keep a pipe from freezing, according to Hinds.

“As soon as they shut the breaker off and cut the power to the heat tape, that took away source for ignition.”

Staff members used a fire extinguisher to smother the fire occurring on the heat tape.

“They called us when the smoke was rolling off the pipe and the flames were visible on the heat tape and by the time we got there, they had figured out what was going on,” Hinds said. “Somebody shut the breaker off and took care of the problem.”

The fire did not occur in the kitchen area and the business did not shut down during the inspection, Hinds said.

“I do not know what the insulated pipe was that the heat tape was on,” Hinds said. “I can only assume that it probably had something to do with the refrigeration system.”