Fareway recently shipped off a pallet of water cases, amounting to 2,016 water bottles to victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. Store manager, Travis Landgrebe, says after being approached, the store was more than happy to help.

“Well we have a guy who sells us Tejanita ice cream and his distributor is in in Houston,” said Travis Landgrebe, Fareway store manager. “He’s heading down there to check out what’s going on.”

Fareway decided to ship off a pallet of Fareway water bottles to Houston for those who are in need of drinking water following the destruction of Hurricane Harvey.

“We just had a pallet and he was heading that way and wanted to know if we could do anything to help,” Landgrebe said.

In the past, Fareway sent a pallet of water over to Jamaica after the town lost their water.

“It’s pretty common practice, whenever there’s a need for that,” Landgrebe said.