For 12 years in a row, the Miner family has put on a family golf tournament to honor the memory of late Trent Miner. Joelle Miner, mother of Trent, says the community has gone out of their way to remind the family of Trent’s everlasting presence; they’ve been approached in grocery stores, people often bring his name up to the family, and he is able to thrive through the tournament.

Joelle Miner, mother of Trent Miner, said the family is surprised by the kindness shown from the tournament each year.

“After 12 years, there is still just so much kindness and thoughtfulness from all of the people, and that really started with Perry people back when he was 16,” Miner said. “They began to support us and they haven’t wavered on that.”

“For parents that lose a child, the biggest thing that they feel or worry about is that their child will be forgotten,” Joelle Miner, mother of Trent Miner said.

This year, the tournament took place on an overcast day on Sunday, August 13.

“The tournament is huge and people support us, but the community in general, people that know us, have let us know that he’s not going to be forgotten,” Miner said.

Each year, Miner explains that a committee of friends-turned-family gather to seek out potential donations for the tournament, as well as fix tiny glitches that arise in the past. This year, score cards were able to be handed out effectively because of the addition of a group photo.

Twenty-four golfers registered for the 9 a.m. 9 holes tournament for ages 13 and younger, accompanied by a family member or an adult. At 1 p.m., 85 golfers played the 9 holes best shot tournament, where ages 14 and above were invited to bring a family member or adult to play golf with.

“We had a maxed out tournament,” Miner said. “It is just such an enjoyable thing – the whole tournament, from the volunteering to the donating.”

The golf tournament seemed like a natural way to honor Trent as the family spent many years out on the course.

“My husband has been out there a long time so it made sense that we might do a tournament,” Miner said. “Trent was certainly out there swinging a golf club when he was three.”

Hosting a family-oriented tournament would give children the opportunity to make memories with family members as well as be able to participate in a golf tournament.

“When Trent was junior-high age and he started going to tournaments, you wore your good golf clothes and looked golf spiffy and it was just such a big thing,” Miner said. “We just wanted to make it that its a family outing day, and hopefully families gather and make really good memories with each other.”

Inside the clubhouse, two rooms were sectioned for silent auction items, with goodies ranging from tickets to concerts, Iowa State football games, as well as drink ware, apparel, and a wide variety of prizes to bid on.

“We seem to always add a few new ones, like an event or an attraction,” Miner said.

This year’s donations summary have not been finalized, but in the past, the Trent Miner Golf Tournament has raised $47,000 which is later donated to a scholarship for a Perry Community School District senior going to college, as well as $10,000 donated to the Make-a-Wish and CaringBridge foundations.

“We’ve never felt the need to change it up or anything, they’re just still near to us,” Miner said. “They have a special place; those three in the early days seemed to be so perfect for us and they still remain that way.”

The tournament will continue until it’s run its course, Miner commented.

“Without this happening to us and to Trent specifically, we would have never had these blessings and these opportunities to see how the people will support you like that,” Miner said. “We would have never known so much love and support and I would give anything to have him back, but the balance of that is what we’ve learned, and I just wish it wasn’t his sacrifice for us to learn this.”

“We will always continue to be grateful of the tournament, and if this was the last year, we would still be so grateful.”

Results from the 12th annual Trent Miner Golf Tournament

A.M. Group - 24 golfers (12 kids under 13)

Flag events:

Longest putt by a girl - Reagan Baldwin

Longest putt by a boy - Barrett Braun

Longest drive in fairway by girl - Reagan Baldwin

Longest drive in fairway by boy - Hayden Gilmore

Golf results:

1st Place - Carter Iben with a 39

2nd Place - Kolby Gilroy with a 40

3rd Place - Reagan Baldwin with a 44

P.M. group - 85 golfers 14 & over division

Flag events:

Longest putt by a woman - Molly Lutmer

Longest putt by a man - Joe Blaker

Longest drive in fairway by woman - Alex Klise

Longest drive in fairway by man - Noah Wilkening

Golf results: (carded back ties)

1st Flight

1st Place - Champions Steve & Noah Wilkening with a 29

2nd Place - Joe Blaker & Neil Johnston with a 34

3rd Place - Sid Nagle & Scott Seeley with a 34

2nd Flight

1st Place - Tom & Harris Mertz with a 37

2nd Place - Tom Gries & Butch Niebuhr with a 37

3rd Place - Jon & Kirk Jamison with a 37

3rd Flight

1st Place - Karen Ziebarth & Tim Desplinter with a 41

2nd Place - Delbert & Jacob Moore with a 41

3rd Place - Emmett & Barb Valine with a 41

Format with over 14 division was Best Ball.