In celebration of the solar eclipse occuring on Monday, August 21, the Perry Public Library will put on a free program to the public. The watch event will feature Space guru, Joe Crewinske as well as a hands-on activity.

“We’re going to have Joe Cerwinske give us information on why this is so special, and then we’re going to have an activity with a meter stick,” Library Director, Mary Murphy said. “It shows the relative size of the Earth and the moon and then we’ll have flashlights, and they’re going to light it up perfectly where the moon blocks the sun and you can see the shadow on the Earth – so that kind of gives you the relative distance and size.”

Crewinske was invited to speak during the program after mentioning his interest in space to Murphy.

“I took Astronomy in college it was my one science course and I took it because I was interested in space,” Crewinske said. “ I ended up really enjoying it and since then, i’ve always kind of had an eye on the sky.”

While the solar eclipse will occur in a short minute span, Crewinske hopes to educate attendees on the uniqueness of this event as well as provide some background history.

This type of thing doesn’t happen all the time,” Crewinske said. “Solar eclipses, especially complete eclipses like this, are extraordinarily rare solectrial events.”

The event will be open the the public and those who attend the event will be able to look at the eclipse through special-ordered solar eclipse viewing glasses.

Everyone is welcome to come to the library for a free Solar Eclipse watch event, at 12:00 p.m., Monday, August 21, in the Perry Public Library large meeting room. We will participate in a hands-on activity to aid us in understanding and safely viewing the solar eclipse. Special glasses will be provided.

e Joe Cerwinske