Earlier this summer, Perry’s local Hy-Vee created a coupon book with a hope of giving back to three specific non-profits as well as provide saving opportunities for businesses around the community. Today, the book is in talks of becoming a seasonal option for savings, giving customers the opportunity to also give back with their $5 book purchase.

“We decided to change it up a little bit and make it different,” Larry Vodenik, Community Involvement spokesperson said.

Three non-profit organizations were picked for the first book: the Perry Area Food Pantry, Perry Community Garden, and the Perry Humane Society. Flipping to the first page of the book, the first page, a “super coupon,” allows customers to receive $5 off of a Hy-Vee purchase of $50 or more. On the same page of the coupon, customers have the opportunity to check off a box outlining which organization they want to help out.

$3 worth of the $5 savings will be donated back to the specific box checked.

“Moving forward, we’re letting any non-profit group that would like to take part, can come down here to customer service and put their name on the list, or any business that would like to be included to put a coupon in there and its at no charge,” Vodenik explained.

The coupon book expands into the community, outside of just Hy-Vee doors. Several businesses are involved, ranging from La Poste, to the Hotel Pattee, as well as the McCreary Building.

“This is our first round,” Vodenik commented on the book. “We’ve got some good coupons in there and we’re also giving back to the community.”

The coupon book is set to continue into the year where a variety of businesses are set to be added onto the list. Those who wish to purchase a book can visit at Hy-Vee, and in the future, Vodenik said the possibility of having an organization sell the book is in the works.