The Carris Family Funeral Home is in the beginning stages of building a Crematory for the Perry-based business. The addition will allow the Funeral Home to stay within Perry while assisting families, in contrast to traveling elsewhere to use a crematory facility.

“We’ve always offered cremation for families that chose that, but we did not do that there (at the Perry location),” said Marcus Carris, Owner of Carris Family Funeral Home. “We used another funeral home in Des Moines that had the crematory, so we would make all of the arrangements and then I would transport the person to Des Moines to use their crematory.”

The project will be an additional building on the property, Carris says.

The separate facility will be 30 by 50 feet, according to Carris, and will also contain a double garage.

Inside the facility, the crematory will be in a separate room which will contain tools and materials. There will also be a family viewing room, where families can view their loved one before the cremation process takes place. Families will also have the option of staying and waiting for the cremation to finish, a process that typically takes an average of two to four hours, Carris says.

“We’ve gotten the dirt work done,” Carris said. “At this point, we’re hoping and planning to be up and operational sometime in November if everything follows the time line.

The building will be private, catering to the needs of the families.

Carris says the option of using cremation is continuing to rise.

“More families have been chasing that option, and I think a big part of it was when a family chooses that, their loved one stays in our care,” Carris said. “We feel like we can serve our Perry community better.”