Superintendent Clark Wicks is about to begin his first year overseeing the Perry Community School District and has three specific goals in mind for the upcoming year. From having a 23-year-long history working in the district, to having his own children start kindergarten in PCSD and later graduate - Wicks is looking forward to working promoting positivity and strength within the district.

“I'm just tickled to have the opportunity to be back here again,” Wicks said. “When roots go deep and support is great, its just something that you always want to come back to.”

Gearing up for the upcoming school year, Wicks is excited to implement three specific goals for the growth of the district: “Retain,” “Attract,” and “Efficiency.” The goals attach to this year's theme: “One Team, One Purpose,” which focuses on building success through positive group efforts and synergy.


“I want to be able to reduce the number of open enrollment of kids out,” Wicks described.

While it's still in talk, Wicks believes opening the school to community tours from those in the business area will allow others to gain an understanding of what happens at the district. In Wicks vision, the tours would provide the community with information on the school as far as programs, work ethic, and everyday happenings.

“We need realtors, business people, all citizens to be advocates of the school and our community if we're going to make this a synergistic atmosphere.


“You don't have a second chance to make a first impression; with that, you have to have a curb appeal in your smile, your energy that you give off to people, or make it's how the physical facilities look,” Wicks described.

Wicks hopes to leave visitors with a feeling of pride as they exit the PCSD, as well as enter the school grounds for the first time. Recalling his time at Luther, Wicks believed the feeling you get when you first visit a place is important - he wants to continue catering to the upkeep of both the school grounds as well as the facilities.

“We want this place to look very good, and not only do we want it to look good, we want people to feel good,” Wicks said. “Not only giving the appearance of Perry pride, but actually feeling it.”

Some of the potential ground plans include the new updated football facility donation gift from the VanKirk family.

Become Efficient

“We have some things that we've got to work on financially, to make sure that we have a positive cash flow,” Wicks said. “The taxpayers can trust us with being good stewards of public funds.”

Besides becoming more financial efficient, Wicks believes efficiency extends into the classroom as well.

“We need to be efficient with how we educate and always have positive outcomes at the end of the day that we can reflect on.”

Before taking on his new role as Superintendent, Wicks previously held positions as a teacher and coach for both Panorama and Johnston schools, a Principal at Rockwell City and an Elementary Principal Perry, and later a Superintendent at Orient-Macksburg Schools. Wicks has been involved in the education system since 1979 and is a graduate of Luther College, Drake University, and Iowa State University.

Wicks has resided in the Perry area for 27 years and believes the school continues to flourish when there's a mutual appreciation for both community support and educational growth.

“Everybody has a value,” Wick said. “We've got to be able to find that value in everybody, and everybody needs to realize that they can bring that energy to the classroom, to the community, and attach it to the whole pride of Perry.”