On Monday, Aug. 7, the Perry City Council met for a regular bi-monthly meeting. The following topics were discussed during the hour-long session.

Approval of trail head art selection design concept

The City Council voted on an option for the design concept of the trail head art that renders similar to the theme “In the Shadow of the Rails” for the Raccoon River Valley Trail. The City Council decided on the “third option,” which will total $12,000.

“The third would be one single column here at the trail head and then one closer to highway 141 to bookend each end of town,” Peterson told the council.

Jim Miller of Waukee spoke to the council on the art concept.

“The project came about from a group of citizens in Waukee,” Miller discussed. “Right in the beginning, the idea was that whatever is done in Waukee, should be designed, portable to the communities – the thought was, ‘let’s make this a trail project, not just a Waukee project.”

“I don’t know if there’s anywhere else in the world that this has been done on this scale; to have a reoccurring art theme over an eighty-mile-long trail – nobody else has ever done that.”

According to the Council, the option chosen appears similar to historic railroad signs.

“I like the single because it looks more like the railroad crossings that I remember,” 1st Ward, Dean Berkland said.

“For some reason it just reminds me and fits our town real well,” Mayor Jay Pattee said.

Perry has been working with RDG Planning and Design to formulate the concept.

Chamber of Commerce to establish “Perry mission” for Chamber Director opening

Following the departure of former Chamber Director, Bob Wilson, City Administrator, Sven Peterson, informed the council on ongoing plans for the hiring process.

“In the last department head meeting, we started the process of a mission and vision for the whole city,” Peterson said.

Chamber members are currently working on worksheets to develop a mission for Perry, which later will result in an overall plan created by a specific ‘leadership team’ from the Chamber.

The Chamber will bring the goals to the city council once developed.

Openings for new Local Sales Option tax committee

City Administrator Sven Peterson brought to attention a new committee that will be centered around Perry’s local option sales tax.

“We will be putting together a small local committee to advertise and root for our own local sales tax in town, we’ve got a list going, but if there’s anyone out there that would like to be part of that, certainly give us a call at City Hall,” Peterson said.

Jack Butler and Josh Wuebker appointed as representatives to the North Raccoon Watershed Management Board

Both Jack Butler, Perry Public Works Director, and Josh Wuebker, Assistant Public Works Director were appointed to represent Perry on the North Raccoon Watershed Management Board, a membership which lasts five years.

“Jack’s been to a few meetings so far and this [city council approval] is making this official,” Peterson said.

Butler asked to serve on the board with Wuebker as an alternate member.

“They’re starting their studies at the Northern end of the watershed, they’ll be working their way down so this could open some doors to some thoughts for us,” Peterson said.