From the days of July 20 to July 27, the Perry Lutheran Home has taken part in the “Sole Hope” fundraiser, asking the community for used jeans donations which will eventually be turned into shoes for Uganda residents. Jeans are welcome in all shapes and sizes, whether patterned or torn - the bulk will eventually provide necessary protection for the shoe less.

Each pair of jeans donated to Sole Hope at the Perry Lutheran Home will be cut using a pattern and shipped off to Uganda shortly after. Using jeans and milk jugs from the United States, combined with old tires from Uganda, the three materials will craft a pair of shoes for those who are unable to obtain their own.

“The goal of the projects like Sole Hope is for us at the Perry Lutheran Home and everyone in the community to reach and impact the life of others,” Mollie Clark, Director of Marketing for the Perry Lutheran Home said.

“We set up a table last Wednesday and I know we’ve gotten a pretty good amount from staff, residents, and members of the public.”

Aimee Carlson, a distributor of Young Living Independent, a company with partnerships to Sole Hope, introduced the program to the Perry Lutheran Home as a way to give back and involve the residents.

“I just think this is a great partnership with the Perry Lutheran Home by making an impact across the world,” Carlson said.

Carlson found out about the partnership with Sole Hope through Young Living Independent called the Young Living Foundation. The Young Living Foundation helps organizations who ultimately give back to third world countries with the help of volunteers and their efforts.

“It is just an amazing Christian-based organization that truly makes some wonderful products,” Carlson said.

Carlson has worked with the Perry Lutheran Home for the past three years, with a goal of incorporating the usage of natural-based products into their lives.

“The residents absolutely love to be able to do stuff like this; it keeps them occupied and helps them make a difference,” Carlson said. “Anything that we can do to activate the sensory issues with them is fantastic.”

Once the jean drive is complete, Carlson said the jeans will be cut and finally shipped off to Uganda. Each pair of shoes will cost $10.00 to ship.

“We’re accepting jeans, we’re accepting used jeans, we’re accepting any money donation, again, it’s 10 dollars per pair of shoes to get over there and complete them,” Carlson said. “Any monetary donation would be fantastic as well.”

Carlson and her husband, Curt, have offered to assist if any short falls happen with the jean collection.

The shoes will help aid to the jigger problem that is occurring in Uganda, according to the Sole Hope website.

“The live in a jigger-infested area and once they get inside their feet, they burrow and lay egg and basically breathes in infection and can result in a horrible infection,” Clark said. “The shoes are nice durable, closed-toes shoes, so they’re not in pain and can walk and run.”

Donations will be accepted until Thursday, July 27 at 7 p.m. in the front of the Perry Lutheran Home.