The soccer complex was a topic of discussion along with other items at the Perry City Council regular meeting Monday.

City Administrator Sven Peterson gave an update on the complex and indicated that the work was ongoing in an effort to finish the project.

“The contractor is still working on the punch list,” Peterson said. “The field is nowhere near ready for playing. We anticipate it to be ready for the 2019 playing season.”

Peterson also reported that the Local Option Sales Tax petition was ready to be submitted to the Dallas County Supervisors for approval to be put on the November general election ballot. The city needed 1940 signatures but has nearly 2200.

“This gives us a few extra in case there are any problems with any of the signatures,” stated Peterson.

During the council comments portion of the meeting, Councilman Dr. Randy McCaulley mentioned that he had thought a lot about the stop sign situation at the intersections of North Street with 16th and 18th Streets.

“Eighteenth Street was an issue for us, for probably more than 10 years getting that paved,” McCaulley said. “The whole concept was that, you know, a way for traffic to get to the high school. It’s a 3-way stop right now and I just really think that is a hindrance. I know this is something we were going to try to gather some more data on. To me, I don’t care what the data says. It was designed to be a through street; 18th Street was designed that way and we worked to finally get it paved. I really feel that’s a stop sign that should come out.”

Councilman at-large Chuck Schott agreed with McCaulley while Councilman Dean Berkland disagreed with both Schott and McCaulley.

Mayor Jay Pattee said this issue would be put on the agenda for the first August meeting “as promised” so there would be time to take action before school starts.

Perry Citizen Jenny Eklund came before the council to talk about the dog park.

“Our dog park had been neglected, but I believe it’s the Park and Rec Department that has been over there. They’ve been mowing, they’ve been tilling, they’ve been weed eating, they’ve put down new mulch,” Eklund said.

She expressed her appreciation for the work as she’s a regular user of the dog park and loves to see it taken care of.