Two new benches sit at the front entrance of the library, allowing patrons to have a place to sit before the library opens or even to have a place to read. The benches pay tribute to library folk: Deloris Blanchard, a woman who Library Director Mary Murphy says was an important contributor to the library, as well as the family of Robert and Ada Phillips, a fellow “library family.”

“They [Phillips family] grew up being a library family and now that their parents are passed away, they [Phillips children] received income from their family farm and they have been donating money to the library every year,” Murphy explained.

“When it’s a larger amount, I always like to think of what we could use in the library,”

The library has dedicated different aspects of memoriam to those who have passed in previous years: a camera, several pieces of artwork by Betsy Peterson, books around the library, and now finally two park benches.

“If you ever go to a hospital or library, you will see things all the time like people donating money for a building project and they get a room named after them – that’s sort of what we’re doing,” Murphy said. “We’re trying to use it [memorials] for things that we will continue to use.”

The bench idea stems from patrons asking for a place to sit before the library opens in the morning. Both benches sit across from one another at the front entrance of the library, which used to previously hold plants.

“With the help of the other departments in the city, they dug it out and put the cement pads there and we now have these really nice benches for our patrons to sit on,” Murphy said.