The PCSD School Board met for the board’s July meeting at 6 p.m. on Monday, June 10. The meeting marked the first for newly appointed Superintendent Clark Wicks.

The following items were discussed throughout Monday night’s meeting.

Superintendent Comments

“I’m excited and honored to be back home here in Perry, I’ve been gone for a few years and it’s good to be back here,” Wicks said. “One of the things I hope we can do as an administrative team is to be looking two and three years down the road as far as what we want to accomplish both as far as technology, facility, and also financially.”

Approval of Educational Service Agreement Between Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) and Perry Community School District

The School Board approved the educational service agreement between DMACC and the PCSD, allowing for online course options and on-campus course options between the two schools.

Approval to share Woodward-Granger CSD for Use of Librarian for 2017-2018

Due to the inability to hire a librarian, the PCSD approved an agreement to collaborate with Woodward-Granger and share a media librarian between the two districts. The librarian is an employee of Woodward-Granger and the PCSD will employ the librarian for 12 out of the 176-day school calendar.

Perry will be billed the librarian’s mileage, will provide the librarian with a 30 minute lunch break, with supply all the supplies and materials for the school, as well as delegate duties for the employee, according to the sharing agreement.

Perry High School Principal, Dan Marburger discussed the option.

“This was the best option we had available to meet the requirements,” Marbuger said.

Linda Andorf commented on the difficulty of finding a Librarian.

“There are some positions that are just very difficult to fill and this would be one of them,” Andorf said.