On Monday, July 10, a Postmaster Installation Ceremony was held for Janelle Hall at the Perry Post Office. Hall was officially appointed this April following her 16-year-long career in the service.

Hall first began her career in 2001 as regular carrier in Jefferson, lasting until 2007. From there, she decided to become involved in other activities in the business.

“After I carried for seven years I thought maybe it would be nice to get inside the office and work,” Hall said. “I signed up for training, or any kind of special activities that were looking for someone.”

Hall involved herself in a variety of programs including the Ergonomic Risk Reduction Plan team, she became a certified driver’s instructor, and also worked in the Business Development Deptartment, as well as on two Kaizen projects.

Later, she became officer in charge of three offices in Iowa: Yale in 2007, Guthrie Center in 2012, and Perry in April of 2017.

“There’s really endless opportunities,” Hall said. “I became Postmaster in April and came over to Perry in November as Officer in Charge.”

Hall was sworn into the Perry Post Office at 8 a.m. on Monday following a ceremony. While located in Perry, Hall lives in Jefferson and farms with her husband. Hall has two daughters, Cherese and Haley.