If you’ve been a frequent flyer at events around the City of Perry, then you’ve probably seen The Perry Chief’s reporter, Kiley Wellendorf, providing coverage for the newspaper and for www.theperrychief.com.

Wellendorf, originally from Carroll, joined The Perry Chief as a staff reporter back in February after graduating from Buena Vista University in Storm Lake with a Bachelor’s degree in digital media.

During her time at BVU, she worked for the school’s online newspaper, “The Tack Online,” where she was a news editor, editor-in-chief, and worked as a features writer. She also did four internships throughout her college career, including in New York at an online magazine called “xoJane,” in Carroll at the Carroll Daily Times Herald, online for a publishing company in New York, and at Alternative Press in Cleveland.

“I knew that I always wanted to write and when I was in high school, I really wanted to write for the “Rolling Stone” magazine,” Wellendorf said. “I really loved music journalism. That was my goal back then.”

It was during her internship in Carroll, however, that she decided she wanted to work for a newspaper instead of for a magazine. She says she likes having a personal connection to the community she is in and that’s what she likes about working for The Perry Chief.

“I liked the small-town feel and that’s kind of what I’ve gotten out of this experience, is everybody kind of has a mutual respect for one another and… if you know one person, you know everybody,” Wellendorf said. “It’s been really fun because it does remind me a lot of Carroll where you walk into the grocery store and you kind of know people there, and that’s something I realized that I missed when I was in Cleveland or New York.”

She is a graduate of Carroll High School, where she was a basketball cheerleader and ran track her senior year. She has a younger brother named Ben, who is a junior at the University of Iowa, and her parents are Tracey and Jodi.