On Independence Day weekend, herds of former Bluejays paid tribute to youthful memories during the highly anticipated 70’s reunion. The two-day event allowed alumni to gather for an outdoor event on Friday night followed by drinks and a meal at the Elks Lodge on Saturday.

The second seventies class reunion was a success, bringing in around 350 classmates and spouses to the Elks Lodge on Saturday, according to Joelle Miner, 70’s reunion volunteer.

When you think of 10 classes it’s not a ton of kids per class, but it’s also fun for the different classes in high school together,” Miner said. “So if you were a junior, the seniors were there, vise-versa.”

Planning for the weekend event started last March, Miner said, with hopes of making the event fun for all involved.

“We’ve only done this one [70’s reunion] twice,” Miner said. “After our last one, we got together to brainstorm what we could do better and we kind of said that we felt like it was a lot of work the first time around.”

Different members from the class assisted in the planning, attending meetings that often took place at the Hotel Pattee or later met at the Elks Lodge. Following a similar schedule as the first 70’s reunion, volunteers met with different city workers to secure the plan.

“The city was just great to work with,” Miner said.”We met with the Police Chief and City Administrator way back when to go over things that needed to be done and meet the criteria.”

On the Friday event, barricades were put up behind the Crooked Rail, blocking off area leading to the Otley Cat. Inside the barricade, the Hotel Pattee had a food shack set up, followed by picnic tables and places to sit for attendees.

“We barricaded some area downtown and tried to promote coming down there Friday night and let the local bars do their own thing,” Miner said. “The firemen [Perry Fire Department] provided food and lighting, and Otley Cat had some brats and chicken.”

The next evening, members of the 70’s class were invited out to the Elks Lodge for food and drink ticket.s

“The fun for us is in the turnout,” Miner said. “I do think the second time doing it, a lot of things did go better and we did know what we needed to cover and basis to cover.”

Additional funds raised from the event typically go towards a Perry-centered project.

“We bought a podium for the performing arts center, that it was from the all 70s,” Miner said.

This year’s extra funds will be donated to the girls softball association with tentative plans of putting the funds towards a score board.

“The fun for us is in the turn out; I do think the second time doing it, a lot of things did go better and we did know what we needed to cover,” Miner said. “It’s pure joy for us to put together,” Miner said.

Members who helped during the All 70’s Reunion include the following:

70- Dean Berkland

71- Dale West

72- Mike Caulfield, Dan Miner, Joni (Orman) Davis

73- Jill (Conklin) Brosnahan, Maggie (Graney) Gittins

74- Lila (Davis) Robb, Cheri (Tice) Scheib, Joelle (Conklin) Miner

75- Steve Menz, Julie (Wetteland) Scheib

76- Denise (Bice) Niebuhr, Lori (Rausch) Seeley, Stephanie (Hall) Hansen

77- Deb (Winchell) Hemphill

78-Annette (Graves) Menz

79- Karen (Harvey) Einck, Nancy (Tice) Graney