Bouton’s Veterans Corner is scheduled to trade in its wooden-framed, hand painted memorial, to a more weather resistant, modern monument. Following the $10,000 grant received by the Dallas County Foundation, Bouton will be able to restore the veteran’s monument that has been featured in the town since the 1940’s.

The Veterans Corner was originally built in 1943 as way to pay tribute to those who either lived in the community or were involved in Bouton while they served.

Bouton, a pint-sized town sitting at a population of 130, has worked to preserve the memorial.

“In 1943 it was built, but through those years, they maintained it and then in 90’s they redid it totally again,” David Thornburg, Public Works Department said.

Eventually the city lost the ability to constantly keep up with names of veterans.

“It’s [the memorial] changed a bit since Vietnam and the Desert Storm,” Thornburg said. “These people up here now, those were people who were involved in the war at the time in the area, then we tried to keep it going with adding onto it.”

After applying for a grant from the Dallas County Foundation, the City of Bouton received a reward of $5,000, which will go directly into the construction of a brand new Veterans Corner.

Plans include the usage of weather resistant materials, stripping away the possible outcome of constant upkeep. Pillars for the Veterans Corner will be encased in brick with cement foundations, along with landscaping including flowers, plants and shrubs. Since the area resides as a bus stop for children, the project will also include benches.

“Small towns don’t have a lot of money so you rely on grants,” Thornburg said. “The Dallas County grant really helped us out.”

With a goal of $13,000 to finish the project, the City of Bouton has received assistance in the form of matching funds from the City Council Donation, Bouton Breakfast Club, Bouton Softball Association and other fundraising and donations, totaling $3,000.

Local community partners are also providing the city with an in-kind donation in contrast to funding the project. Four volunteer professionals have agreed to donate sixteen hours of labor including use of equipment and operation, according to the City of Bouton’s Dallas County Foundation application form. Additional labor is being donated by companies Miner Roll Off and Miner Landscaping, which will help aid the use of an industrial dumpster and also donate necessary materials for the project’s completion.

Besides trying to reach for the goal set for the project, Thornburg is asking those who know of veterans from the Bouton area to come forward. Since the project has not been updated in a handful of years, Thornburg is hoping more names will be added to the memorial for accuracy.

“We definitely want people to get in touch with me for the names of people that should be on there,” Thornburg said.

Veterans who can be added to the wall include those who have previously lived in Bouton, or have a tie to the tiny town.

Bouton veteran requests or donations to the project can be done through Thornburg at 515-240-6905, or P.O. Box 71, Bouton, IA.