The Dallas County Board of Supervisors met in its regular session on Tuesday, June 13. Here are a few things you missed if you were not present.

28E agreement for drivers license issuance approved

A 28E agreement with the Iowa Department of Transportation regarding the drivers' license station in Adel was approved on Tuesday. Dallas County Treasurer Mitch Hambleton was at the meeting to give the details.

He said that the 28E agreement is a “statewide, general update” that better clarifies the roles and activities that the counties are performing in regard to license issuance and vehicle registration.

“Basically, the only thing of substance there, is a better clarification of the responsibilities surrounding background checks,” Hambleton said. “For drivers' license issuance, the DOT, they do have like a finger printing and extensive background checks of employees. There are responsibility videos, and kind of a scare-tactic video that they require folks to do, to look at. They've got fraud investigators to check… basically put the fear of God into employees before they start.”

The discussion did not stop at just the terms of the 28E agreement. Supervisor Mark Hanson stated that the current drivers' license station in Adel, due to the growth in Dallas County, is not ideal.

Hambleton said that the agreement doesn't change anything regarding facilities for the station.

“Our current facilities are less than ideal, but this (28E agreement) doesn't change that,” Hambleton said.

Supervisor Brad Golightly asked Hambleton, during the meeting, if there was anything being done in the legislature to create an adequate fee structure to make sure that the drivers' license station is feasible.

Hambleton said that the legislature is resistant to use any of the money from the Road Use Tax Fund for the Counties. He said that they currently get $7 per license issued, but it costs them $11 per license issued.

He said that a piece of legislation that County Treasurers would like to see passed, would be one to allow County Supervisors to put on an administrative fee to each license issued.

“So, in other words, instead of charging $20 per license, we could maybe charge $24 per license,” Hambleton said. “They could still go to the DOT Center in Ames and get the current pricing, but if it's more convenient to come here to Adel or whatever County, they would be allowed that.”

He said that they would still be able to go online or to a kiosk, such as the one at the Waukee Hy-Vee and get the lower price, but that they would pay a little extra in Adel if it was more convenient for them.

“We don't believe that price necessarily… is the most important factor to those customers that are coming in, but again, any changes would have to be approved by the legislators and we've got less than anywhere this past session on that.”

Geothermal Test Loop contract awarded

Jerry Purdy of Design Alliance was at the meeting to discuss awarding a contract to have a test well dug at the Ortonville site of the recently passed law enforcement center to help determine the capacity of depth as they think about a geothermal system.

The Supervisors approved a contract with Thorpe Water Development out of Ankeny for the project for a total of $8,900.

“That well would be located in such a way that we could utilize that well, so if they choose to do that, then the actual final payment will be reduced eight-hundred dollars because we will not need to abandon that well,” Purdy said.