The Perry Ministerial Association will have a Memorial Service for Sabrina Ray at 7 p.m. at the First Christian Church. Five clergy members from the Perry community will take part in the service.

“We just know that the community is hurting and we can offer a place to begin healing that hurt,” Pastor Andrea Brownlee said.

The event is being organized by Pastor Andrea Brownlee and Reverend Paul Burrow. In addition, Reverend Jeremy Winter from Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church, Reverend Marcy Campbell from First Presbyterian Church, retired Reverend Lou Hoger, and Reverend Sherri Hughes-Emple from St. Martins Episcopal Church will be delivering messages throughout the service.

The Perry High School treble clef choir will be singing “Letter From a Girl to the World,” a song recently performed at a choir concert. Perry High School Choir Director Jenn Nelson is a member of Burrow’s church and offered to bring the students to the service.

“Jenn said she would be very willing to have a treble clef choir come to the service,” Reverend Paul Burrow said.

Members of the Perry Ministerial Association recently attended the candlelight vigil on Friday, May 19, and felt the event needed to be followed by something larger.

“I think this is something that the community needed,” Brownlee said.

Brownley believes those who attended the candlelight service on Friday will trickle over into the memorial service, as well as those who were unable to make it to the original event.

“This is a community that is hurting and is caught up in the tragedy, and we decided to do an actual memorial service for Sabrina,” Burrow said. “The candlelight vigil brought people together, but we wanted to do was bring some healing.”

The Tuesday night service is open to the public.