Perry Community School District issued a 2:30 p.m. dismissal on Tuesday, May 16 due to a water main break at the Elementary building. Superintendent Lynn Ubben has cancelled school on Wednesday, May 17 for the Elementary. Middle and High School will resume classes as usual.

According to Superintendent Hank Schmidt of the Public Water Works Department, the break was discovered while the grass was being mowed at the elementary. Water began to bubble up from the grass.

“It is a leak on their service line so the Water Works really has nothing to do with it except in assisting to shut it down,” Schmidt said.

According to Schmidt, the School has a separate water main from the City.

“I believe its a two-inch water mane serving the building and it apparently broke,” Schmidt said. “It’s leaking in pretty good.”

In order to repair the break, a contractor outside of the City will have to tend to the damage.