The Perry Historic Preservation Commission and Hometown Heritage recently announced Jim Walstrom as the 2017 Wall of Witness recipient. Walstrom has lived in Perry for over twenty years with ties to the bicycling community and the Stein Seed Company in Adel, Iowa.

“I am humbled and honored and appreciative,” Walstrom says.

President of the Perry Historic Commission Jeanette Peddicord delivered the news to Walstrom over the phone.

“I think the world of the Jeanette and the Historic Commission and I’ve done a few things for them in the past,” Walstrom said. “I thought maybe she had something I could help them with.”

Walstrom was in awe, he said, and he humbly accepts their recognition.

Originally from Manson, Iowa, Walstrom moved to the Perry community in 1970 after his wife, Julie received an offer to teach at the Perry High School during which Walstrom was still in college.

“I’m here [in Perry] by choice,” Walstrom said about coming back to town. “I’ll always be proud of where I’m from and I’ll be proud of where I’ve lived.”

Walstrom holds ties to the Chamber of Commerce and was also the co-creator of the Bike Ride to Rippey alongside Dennis Hurley. The bike ride has been a tradition in the community for forty years.

Currently, Walstrom works for Stein Steed Company in Adel, a company in which he says he has enjoyed the privilege of watching it grow.

“Our heart is in Perry and want to be buried in Perry,” Walstrom said.

Walstrom believes Perry is the best town in the world.

According to the announcement sent from the Perry Historic Preservation, a total of fifty-one nominations were listed for the spot.

Each year, nominations for the Wall of Witness are taken from the public, later added nominations that have been made in the past. Both new and old nominations are then reviewed by members before a vote takes place.

The finalist is determined once he or she receives the highest number of votes. Oftentimes, multiple votes will be conducted to determine the recipient.

A ceremony will take place this fall regarding the unveiling of Walstrom’s soon-to-be plaque on the Wall of Witnesses.

“It is our hope that the Perry Community will watch for the date and time of the unveiling and reception and also attend the event to honor this long time community leader,” The announcement reads.

“We wish to thank each of you who participated in this project.”