The Perry School Board met on Monday, May 8, for their monthly meeting. The following topics were discussed throughout the duration of the hour-long session.

Appoint and Approval of Casey Baldwin to fill Director Gries’ term until election in September

The Perry School Board has appointed Casey Baldwin of Perry to fill Director Marjean Gries’ spot until the September election. Director Gries, 64, passed away on April 20.

Casey Baldwin, 36, is the only child of Gries with family ties to the Perry School District.

Board Member Jim Lutmer nominated Baldwin; later School Board President Kyle Baxter mentioned Baldwin’s expressed interest in taking over the seat.

Superintendent Lynn Ubben has worked with a changing board in the past, where situations involve someone moving a job or leaving town. In a later interview, Ubben said the school was given thirty days to find a new fill-in board member, which would fall on May 19.

According to Iowa Code, Sec. 279.7: “If a vacancy or vacancies occur among the elective officers or members of a school board and the remaining members of the board have not filled the vacancy within thirty days after the vacancy occurs, or when the board is reduced below a quorum, the secretary of the board, or if there is no secretary, the area education agency administrator, shall call a special election in the district, subdistrict, or subdistricts, as the case may be, to fill the vacancy or vacancies.”

The Board posted a Legal Notice in last week’s Perry Chief, May 5, regarding the opening of Gries’ seat to the public. According to the notice, the Board would accept applications for nominations for two weeks, subsiding on May 19. If followed through, the Board would hold a special election and later a special meeting for the nomination.

According to Iowa Code, Sec. 277.4: “If the candidate is running for a seat which is voted for only by the voters of a director district, the petition must be signed by the greater of at least ten eligible electors of the director district or a number of eligible electors equal in number to not less than one percent of the registered voters in the director district, which number need not be more than fifty.”

Code 277.4 also indicates those who sign must state their address, the date of signing, and must all be in the same district.

School Board members did not have anyone come forward after the notice was placed except for Baldwin.

Baldwin will take over Gries’ spot until her term ends in September.

Approval of 2017-2018 Meal Price increase for PCSD

Gail McFarlin, Nutrition Services Director for the PCSD announced the board an increase in the cost of lunches for the district. The school has to apply for a nutrition program every year.

The government has set a fixed school lunch price at $2.85, an amount that PCSD has not hit at this point.

“We have to continue to raise our prices until we get to the fixed rate,” McFarlin explained about the increase.

Right now, middle and high school lunches are set at $2.50 and kindergarten to sixth grade are set at $2.35.

“Because we are so low below the base-rate of $2.85, it recommends a ten cent increase,” McFarlin said.

The increase does not include breakfast prices.

Approval of Superintendent Contract for 2017-18

The Board approved the Superintendent Contract for Clark Wicks, which involves a three-year term for 260 days. Wicks will receive a compensation of $155,00 for 2017-18.