Perry High celebrated its 2017 graduating class by participating in a signing for their attended college on Friday, May 5. The signing event occurred during two separate lunch periods, allowing both the senior class and underclassmen to watch.

Eleven different colleges made the Friday trip to Perry as well as military.

“We saw two really good things: we got to celebrate our seniors, not only the ones with athletic scholarships, but anybody that was going to the school,” Dan Marburger, Perry High School Principal said. “We decided to have our underclassmen be apart of it and watch so they could see what success looks like.”

This year’s class has a graduation rate of 97%, a two percent increase based upon 2016’s graduation rate of 95%.

The graduation rate fluctuates, Marburger notes, but the school is noticing an overall trend.

“We are seeing more kids going to DMACC and then transferring to a state school,” Marburger said.

During the program, the senior class was directed to sit in tables sectioned in front of a stage in the gym, where the underclassmen sat in the back of the gym to watch. Admissions counselors from eleven different colleges introduced their institution before they listed off the Perry students joining them in the fall.

Students were handed a certificate before they signed for their college, posing for a photo afterwards.

During intermission breaks, students participated in activities in the gym and had the opportunity to speak with representativites from different colleges and military.

Guidance Counselor, Anne Horgen heard about the program and began to reach out to colleges in January.

“It’s just becoming more of a popular event across the state of Iowa,” Horgen said.

Throughout the duration of the school week, the high school prepped for the Friday event by playing games such as trivia with prizes, the freshmen participated in a college-based activity in their English classes, and the senior class signed a banner.

Marburger commends Horgen’s work for putting the event together.

“Anne Horgen did a fantastic job of organizing the signing day and working with the college admission trying to bring this event to Perry,” Marburger said.

The event sparked positive responses amongst the students.

“It was a fantastic event and we’re very pleased with the outcome,” Marbuger said. “I think they [students] are very proud of working so hard and getting recognition - we think that’s really important for our underclassmen to see.”

The school hopes to make the signing day an annual event at PCSD.

The following students participated in the event for their post-secondary plans.

The University of Iowa:

Devon Archer, Grant Eklund, Wyatt Halling, Alexandrya Hopkins, Grace Marburger, Haley Vaughn, Madelynn West


Karley Whelchel

Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC):

Kaitlyn Barr, Tate Beminio,Juan Campos, Caitlin Cannon, Rosemary Carlson, Jorge Casas-Martinez, Gabriela Castillo, Wilbert Castillo, Brianna Conklin, Gabriel Cubillo, Cesar Funez, Andrea Gomez, Gerardo Gonzalez, Zoe Gordon, Steven Guardado, Ramiro Guzman, Dalton Humpal, Kevin Lopez, Elijah Love, Gavin Macias, Edwardo Medina, Guadalupe Medina, Lesley Mendoza, Zachary Mills, Jacob Murillo, Andy chic, Juan Medina,

Yulisa Najarro, Cinthia Naranjo, Blanca Navarro, Kiza Ndume, Kyle Nevitt, Mee Ngae, Devin Patrick, Andrew Pentico, Abigail Perdomo, Joselyn Perla, Janier Puente, Jacob Quijas, Carla Ramirez, Alejandra Rivera, Jessica Saenz, MacKenzie Sheehy, McKinley Thompson, Patricia Torres, Jason Villalobos, Sandy Villalobos, Abbi Weir, Noah Wilkening, Beverly Xuncax

Simpson College:

Rachel Kinney, Adrian Thompson

Iowa State University (ISU):

Amani Al-Rashid, Brian Amaya, Brennan Carrillo, Joselyn Carrillo, Andrea Cortes, James Crawford, Kyla Devilbiss, Nicholas Fellom, Eli Hernandez, Brooke Huntington, Brandon Juarez, Chelsea Krueger, Adan Medina, Sonia Melendez, Alex ortiz, Samantha Paulin, Sarah Sweet

The University of Northern Iowa (UNI):

Garrhett Bucklew, Alicia Calderon, Christian Guardado, Dax Kresse, Dane McCarty, Emma Olejniczak, Hannah Sackett

Iowa Central Community College:

Alex Castaneda, Juana Cisneros, Anna England, Vanessa Sierra, Jesus Rodriguez, Eyob Gebrezgabiher

San Fransisco Art Institute:

Alexis Macias

National Guard:

Patricia Torres Rodriguez, Taylor Danhauer

Dordt College:

Tyler Soll

Hawkeye Community College:

Mariah McNamara, Hannah Meister