Perry’s Burger King experienced a brief stint with a kitchen fire on the afternoon of Tuesday, May 2. According to the Burger King manager, Tina Noring, the Fire Department was called once the fryers in the kitchen caught on fire.

“Where we drop fried products caught on fire,” Noring said.

Noring’s procedure was to evacuate everyone and assess the damage later.

“My main concern was getting out everybody,” Noring said. “Everybody got out okay.”

Fire Department Chief Chris Hinds said the fire was a grease fire in their fryer system.

“It was quickly put out but I think the restaurant sustained enough damage from the fire,” Hinds said.

In order to put out a grease fire, a special foam and dry chemical were used to smother the flames, Hinds described.

“The grease winds up on the floor because even though we were putting foam on the fire, the water displaces the grease,” Hinds said. “We use foam because the foam will lay on top of that and smother the fire.”

While this is the first time Burger King has experienced a fire, McDonalds had experienced a fire in the past.

Noring was the manager during the time of McDonald’s fire.

“Management was required to clean the store; we had to clean everything,” Noring said. “It happened about the same time here; we had to clean the whole night, the whole next day, and then we opened after that.”

Hinds said grease and powder were spread throughout the restaurant.

“They’ll have to get rid of their inventory,” Hinds said. “There’s grease everywhere and also a dry chemical powder throughout.”

Management and employees assisted in the clean-up afterwards.

The specific cause of the fire is still undetermined.