On Thursday, April 27, friends from Noah’s Ark Preschool spent the morning learning about tasks and money at the Raccoon Valley Bank in Perry. Noah’s Ark Preschool toured several parts of the facility including the outside ATM machine, the bank’s meeting room located in the basement, the safety-deposit box center and they also visited with various departments about their jobs.

Noah’s Ark Preschool caters to children ages three to four years old and tend to venture out in the community whenever possible.

“We just usually visit more places in the Spring,” Holly Killmer, Noah’s Ark Preschool Director said. “We usually don’t go out a lot during the winter time.”

Two sections of classes were able to visit the Raccoon Valley Bank: a Monday,Wednesday class, as well as the Tuesday, Thursday class.

The Raccoon Valley Bank employees were happy to give the tour.

“We’re a community bank and we want to be involved with everything that goes on in the community,” Kim Meyers, Customer Service Representative said.

Once their half-hour visit was up, a packaged gift was presented to the kids upon their departure.

“The highlight for the day was getting gold chocolate coins and piggy bank,” Killmer said.