The Perry Historic Preservation Commission will host their annual Historic Awards on Saturday, April 29 at 1:30 p.m. This year’s award ceremony pays tribute to four individuals from the Perry community who the board considered impactful.

After a vote from the Commission, the following citizens will receive an award:

Clarence Powell, Karen Liston, Ellie Wojan, Don Strassburg.

The nominees are decided a month before the awards ceremony, Historic Preservation Chairman, Jeanette Peddicord said.

When the Historic Preservation Committee meets, members are to have selected an individual who qualifies for the award in their opinion. Prior research is encouraged as oftentimes members will have to explain their nominee to members.

Peddicord recalls highlights from each recipient.

Clarence Powell made a difference at the Perry Community School District.

“He was President of the School Board when they purchased the land to build where the junior high school is now, and he encouraged the school board and town to buy additional land because of possible Perry growth,” Peddicord said.

Ellie Wojan was the town celebrity during Halloween, Peddicord recalls.

“She dressed as a witch, had a coldren outside and she would tell ghost stories,” Peddicord said. “That was a fantastic thing.”

Karen Liston was recognized for her profession in nursing.

“She received the award of ‘100 Great Iowa Nurses,” Peddicord said. “The main purpose of that is to recognize people who practice nursing in all ninety-nine counties in Iowa, and it only honors those nurses who exemplify the highest concern for humanity and dedication to the nursing practice.”

Don Strassburg helped bring in students to his shoe store business

“They had education classes as a lesson from the Perry Community High School and businesses in Perry,” Peddicord said.

Members of the Commission will introduce each recipient before the award is received by the patron or family members.