Perry’s art scene will welcome newcomer, Fiber Art Fair to La Poste on Saturday, May 6. The 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. event will showcase work created by local quilters, crocheters, and many others, as well as host small classes to learn the craft.

The bulk of the fair will take place at La Poste where warm cookies, a bloody mary bar, as well as classes will take place. Along with the La Poste location, goers can expect to travel along to different locations: the Community Room of the Perry Public Library, Ben’s Five & Dime, Citizens Bank Gallery, Mary Rose Collection and Peterson Designs.

The Fabric Fair will include fellow spinners, weavers, knitters and crocheters, Mary Rose Owner, Mary Rose Nichols mentioned. Around thirteen vendors have registered to take part in the event, which includes merchants who will be selling textile supplies.

To kick start the first fair, downtown Perry will experience their own yarn showcase. Benches, light poles, and even trees will be wrapped in fabric, a project that has enlisted creators from all over to help volunteer their efforts.

“It’s just to bring color to town and promote the fibers arts - you’ll get people to talk about it,” Nichols said.

Jenny Eklund, President of Art on the Prairie, previously asked permission from the City Council about the fabric preview. From there, fabric donations for light pole warmers began to pour in as word spread of the fair. Today, an estimated 80 light pole warmers and fabric wraps have been created for the preview.

“It just warmed our hearts because when you start something new, you never know how it’s going to take off,” Nichols said. “This just kind of snowballed and people wanted to get involved.”

In addition, dozens of multicolored yarn pom poms were created to be perched at the top of light poles.

Through the process of gathering fabric, Nichols said others have come forward to teach their craft to those interested in learning.

“It’s just been fun,” Nichols said. “We’d sit on this couch and I would teach people to knit.”

Promoting from the event has ranged from Facebook posts to book markers passed around for quilt makers, inviting the public to attend the open event.

“We know it’s good for the community,” Eklund said. “We’re very excited and happy for the town.”

The light pole warmers will be put up on Sunday, April 29. Those interested in getting involved in the preparations for the Fiber Art Fair can contact Jenny Eklund at Mary Rose’s, 515-465-4222.