On Monday, April 24, Lifelong Learners welcomed guest speaker and Master Gardener from the Dallas County Extension Office, Connie Klug, to the monthly event. Klug spoke to the group about the best methods of container gardening, focusing on specific soil, potting, as well as flowers she’s found successful.

Jill Cook, Media Librarian found Klug through the Dallas County Extension office when she began looking for a Master Gardener for Monday’s event.

Klug was recently handed the Master Gardener title after finishing her ten-week-long coursework. While she is considered new to the Master Gardener program, Klug has been gardening for around thirty to forty years.

“My specialty is definitely flowers,” Klug said. “I love container gardening because I think they’re so manageable, so I’ve really settled into my specialty.”

In order to maintain the title, Master Gardeners are encouraged to complete volunteer work which also gives her the opportunity to present and teach others of the craft.

“Which is great because they’re encouraging people to do things and I like that piece of it,” Klug said.

During Klug’s presentation, she answered questions pertaining to at-home gardens from participants and also shared her top ten tips to the group.

Some of the tips Klug mentioned included doing research beforehand, searching for container recipes, straying away from large-retail flower shops, pay attention to sun exposure, don’t overcrowd your plants, and feed them.

“There are better products than Miracle Gro, so seek them out,” Klug told the group when she informed the group of purchasing potting soil.

Klug showed examples of the plants she uses, surprising the crowd when she announced the number of plants uses for her projects.

“I am not a big believer in quantity; I don’t think that you should have to load up your pots,” Klug said. “You don’t need to plant too many - it’s not necessary.”

Afterwards, Klug stuck around for questions from the group, encouraging others to plant accordingly and get excited about the upcoming weather.

“I love flowers,” Klug said. “I love annuals because of the creativity you can do with it,” Klug said.

While the program listed container gardening, Klug focused solely on the process of planting flowers as she spends the most time in that specialty.

The Lifelong Learners meet the last Monday of every Month with topics centered around recent trends and suggestions to the library. After the event is finished, reading material is on display for participants to learn more about the specific subject.