On Saturday, April 15, Hotel Pattee hosted the first of a two-part fundraising event for charity group “Charlie’s Angels” at the hotel’s bowling alley. “Charlie’s Angels” is a Cystic-Fibrosis charity organization for three-year-old, Charlie Hugunin.

“We had donated to their event last year,” Hotel Owner, Jay Hartz said. “We thought maybe we could contribute more if we hosted here.”

In the past, “Charlie’s Angels” has been honored twice for the top fundraising team in Iowa. The charity provides funds for researching Cystic Fibrosis with an ending goal to find a cure.

“Charlie’s Angels” typically hosts two large events per year, falling upon the months of April and August. This year, the Hotel Pattee will host the large-scale event on Saturday, April 22.

“They’re just a really nice family,” Hartz said. “We haven’t had this kind of relationship with any other charity that we’ve worked with.”

Saturday’s event took place in the recently renovated bowling alley of the basement at Hotel Pattee.

In March, the hotel’s bowling alley went under temporary construction to introduce an updated scorer, along with new pins, balls, and bowling shoes.

“On social media, people were asking what we were going to do with the pins and balls. Somebody suggested we do an art contest,” Hartz said.

The idea later became a small part of the Hotel’s contribution to Charlie’s Angels.

A silent auction took place for the bowling pins turned art pieces at Saturday night’s event. At the upcoming fundraising event, the Hotel will write a check to Charlie’s Angels and present the funds gained from the auction.

“It just kind of fell into place by accident, really,” Hartz said.

The Hotel has been working with Charlie’s Angels for an estimated two and a half years. In the past, rooms have been donated for auction items.

“A lot of the times when you donate something, it’s a transaction and it’s over with; this was a little bit different,” Hartz said.

After getting to know the family, Hartz was happy to accommodate the charity by hosting the April event in Perry.

Saturday’s fundraiser will include a silent auction, live music with dueling pianos, food stations, cash bar, and other opportunities to buy items and donate to the fund, Hartz said. Entry fee for each person in attendance is $20.

Lynn Marr-Moore, Grandmother of Charlie and Spokesman of Charlie’s Angels, looks forward to bringing the fundraiser into the Perry community.

“What we were trying to do is bring people into town that haven’t seen Perry,” Marr-Moore said. “It’s kind of our thank you to have all of this happen and to let the people know in town that we appreciate what they’re doing for us.”