On Monday, April 10, the PCSD School Board met for a regular meeting at the Perry High School. All members were present except for the absence of Board Member Marjean Gries. The following items were discussed throughout Monday night’s agenda.

Proposal to donate $350,000 to Football stadium if matching funds are met

The VanKirk brothers, Kirk and Darek, addressed the PCSD about a potential opportunity to team up for a new design of the football field. A life insurance policy was left with the VanKirk brothers following the passing of their father, Pete VanKirk, and the proposal would honor their father’s legacy of supporting the community.

“He had a lot of passion for the community of Perry,” Kirk VanKirk said. “One thing that he had a lot of passion for in particular was for the football team and their football program, and their athletic program in Perry.”

If matched, the VanKirk brothers would donate $350,000 of seed money to the remodel of the football field, followed by additional renovations.

“Let me emphasize – matching funds only,” VanKirk said. “That’s not going to buy you a new football field, but it’s going to get a good start on it.”

Additional renovations the VanKirk brothers mentioned included an artificial turf, a new entryway to the North-East side, a potential community area that includes an entryway, a ticketing hub, renovated concession stands, as well as a restroom facility.

“There’s all sorts of ideas and lots of need,” Superintendent Lynn Ubben commented on the proposed idea.

“I am so very glad that I was able to get to know Pete VanKirk,” Ubben wrote in an email. “We sat at a few Wrestling Meets together and he just beamed when talking about his family and the Perry School and community.”

The PCSD was thrilled with the proposed donation, President Kyle Baxter later commented that matching the funds would not be an issue.

Resignation accepted by Perry Elementary School Co-Principal, Joel Martin

At the end of the year, Joel Martin will resign as the Perry Elementary School Co-Principal. Martin wrote the board a letter detailing his resignation, announcing a plan to work as an Elementary-Principal in Ankeny this next year. Martin’s term as a Principal will end on June 30, 2017.

“Thank you and good luck,” Superintendent Lynn Ubben said to Martin, who was seated among the crowd.

City Construction Easement Approved

City Administrator Sven Peterson spoke to the PCSD board about the city’s proposal to install an additional pipe to work alongside the underground pipe that eventually flows out to Beaver Creek. The city construction proposal was announced at the previous city council meeting.

“It was planned to put an all underground pipe from 18th street all the way back to an outlet by Beaver Creek which will probably be around $300,000,” Peterson said. “This solution is about 90 feet of pipe and will cost about $30,000.”

The PCSD school board approved the easement as long as issues were revised in advance. Originally, the construction project was planned to start within the next week, but will re-adjust as the pipe could intervene with another underground project.

“I would recommend moving forward with the easement with the condition that it’s worked out,” Baxter said.

Approve the transfer of $1,000 from the General Fund to Activity Fund

Mrs. Nelson and Mr. Lipovac requested the transfer of $1,000 from the Atlantic Bottling Company donation to the PHS Musical account. Funds from the Peter Pan musical have trickled in through ticket sales, but the program wishes to have more.