In honor of Earth Day, Perry’s Hy-Vee has teamed up with both Perry Community School District and St. Patrick’s Catholic School to participate in its second annual Earth Week.

“My hope is that each year Earth Day will change and we will get more people involved in it. It doesn’t have to be the elementary kids,” said Larry Vodenik from the Perry Hy-Vee.

The following events will be made available for the PCSD and St. Pat’s.

Monday, April 17

The Perry Hy-Vee store will hang up pictures from the coloring contest done by all students. The contest was accessible by all age ranges, but was predominantly meant for those in the younger grades. The pictures will be entered in a prize drawing afterwards.

Wednesday, April 19

Perry Recycling Department Member Brian Eiteman way pay a visit with all of the third graders to inform teach them about recycling in the community and what they can contribute, Vodenik says. Students at all schools were encouraged to collect the most toilet paper and paper towel rolls for a contest.

“All these recycled toilet paper tubes will be presented to him,” Vodenik said.

The class in each school with the most collected items will receive a pizza party.

Thursday, April 20

Parks and Recreation Director, John Anderson will also visit about Arbor Day and talk with the students about how the city is losing its trees due to Ash Bore.

In order to be prepared for a potential rain delay, the planting of the fifth grade tree will reside on Thursday. If rain occurs, the tree-planting will take place on Friday.

“We’ll plant the tree, but we’re going to ask them to water it and maintain it themselves, In order to take some ownership of it,” Vodenik said.

Each year, the fifth grade class will have their own designated tree to look after.

Friday, April 21

City Administrator, Sven Peterson, will visit with the fourth grade class about what the city of Perry does to become environmental-friendly. With the use of wind turbines, low-energy lighting, and a gator that charges from solar panels, Vodenik said Peterson will be able to go more in depth about the methods the city practices.

Saturday, April 22

On Earth Day, Hy-Vee will also participate in the Clean-Up of Frog Creek.

“All of these things are going to be tying in together,” Vodenik said. “Earth Day is the 22nd, but hopefully we’ll get people thinking green.”