On Tuesday, April 4, the Perry Police Department reported a suspicious circumstance pertaining a phone call made to the First Christians Church. The caller claimed to be affiliated with the Perry Fire Department and was looking for donations for a “Kid Safety Program.” The caller allegedly grew nervous and hung up after being told the program didn’t sound familiar.

Chief Hinds says the call is not as a scam, however.

Community Safety Net has been working the Fire Department for 10 years, with hopes of catering to younger ages about fire safety.

“What they provide is an info booklet, CD, and we go to school in October during fire prevention week,” Hinds says. “We pass them out to appropriate grades.”

In the past, the company would venture door-to-door for money in order to provide the Perry Fire Department with materials. This year, marketing has switched up, leaning towards phone class to the local businesses.

“They had samples of the material and they went door to door of business, they sold their ad thing,” Hinds said. “It’s a legitimate thing and a good program.”

In the past, materials were provided to students from ages kindergarten to eighth grade.

Inside the material, those who donated are recognized.

“It’s a legitimate thing and a good program,” Hinds said.

Hinds says he will be speaking with the company soon to avoid any further confusion.