The Woodward-Granger High School underwent a gas investigation by Black Hills Energy company due to a noticeable gas odor from a science classroom on Tuesday morning. Woodward-Granger Principal High School Robert Boley said a teacher brought the smell to attention upon entering her classroom this morning.

“There’s just a smell of gas and we’re addressing it right now in the science rooms,” Boley said.

Boley said the high school is being cautious as chemistry experiments occur inside the classroom. Upon calling Black Hills Energy, the company suggested a possible evacuation for students.

“They were here within ten minutes but now that they have located it, they checked out all the valves,” Boley said. “I think they’ve located the leak.”

There hasn’t been a gas issue on hand during Boley’s time, he mentioned.

“To my knowledge, when we’ve smelled gas before, its been loose valves, nothing to this extent where they’ve found it,” Boley said.

Boley said the school is being extremely cautious because they want to make sure students are safe. The Woodward-Granger Community School District’s Facebook page has since posted about Tuesday morning’s gas episode.

“We have not evacuated anybody, we have moved people to the auditorium,” Boley said.

High school students were located in the auditorium until the room was cleared from the investigation. The middle school students continued to follow their classroom schedules.