The Perry City Council held a regular meeting in the Clarion Room of the Security Bank Building at 6 p.m. on Monday, April 3. The following items were highlights of the Monday night meeting.

Approval of the Sally Port construction project

Council members approved one of the three bids received regarding the Sally Port Addition project. The lowest bidder for the project was 10.59 percent higher than anticipated. Bolton & Menk reviewed the documents and believes the bid should go to JAS Concrete with an amount of $557,934.30.

Principal Project Manager, Matthew Ferrier spoke to the council about the plans.

“There’s an opportunity here to value engineer the building,” Ferrier said. “I do believe it’s in the city’s best interest to go forward with this project,” Ferrier said.

The project will consist of an additional garage to the Perry Police Department. The garage will work as a transportation unit for inmates or provide privacy to victims and witnesses involved in a crime.

Ferrier talked to the council about funds towards the projects.

“If there’s opportunity to save money within the project, we certainly want to do so,” Ferrier said.

Approval of renewing insurance administration contract with 8.4 percent increase

Perry’s city council approved the renewal of an insurance administrative contract due to the current insurance expiring June 30, 2017. Bernie Lowe and Associates has suggested the renewal of Wellmark IGHCP for health care insurance, resulting in an 8.4 percent overall increase.

City Administrator, Sven Peterson said the 8.4 percent is minimal compared to what other cities are experiencing.

In addition, the city is pushing for an agreement with Bernie Lowe and Associates and Twin Rivers Insurance to continue with the health care plan and benefits for the City of Perry. The contract would begin July 1, 2017 with a renewal date of June 30, 2018.

“It’s a wonderful plan for the city as well as the employees,” Peterson said.

Approval of the fiscal year 2016 annual audit report

Perry participated in an annual audit conducted by the State of Iowa. The audit includes an agency wide inspection of funding received on state or federally funded projects.

City of Perry Finance Officer, Susie Moorhead, described some of the notes taken from the audit.

“There were no surprises in the audit,” Moorhead said. “Unless we request to come out, they don’t give reports on the audit reports.”

Moorhead said the size of the town typically receives the same comments every year, including comments on segregation of duties.

“We will have another adverse opinion this year since the Library Foundation still has not turned over their financial records,” Moorhead said. “It’s called an adverse opinion because even though it’s not part of the city’s books, it is a component unit; those special funds benefit the city.”

Approval of the authorization to sign construction easement and public utility easement with Perry Community School by the mayor

Recently, Perry has added a new storm sewer on 18th and North Street. The city brought to attention the idea of purchasing another sewer to coincide with the recent purchase. The area is drained by a 15 inch line that allows for water drop off in the Beaver Creek. Ideally, the 15-inch line would be in use, but the new sewer would provide a location for overflow.

The city plans to bring the project forward to the school board on Monday, April 10.

“I love to hear always that we’re preparing for future development,” Mayor Jay Pattee said. “So this would accommodate residential development in that location.