Public Service Announcement

Grass, weeds, or brush shall be cut, mowed, and maintained as not to exceed the following height restrictions:

1. Residential Areas - Not to exceed eight inches (8”).

2. Business and Industrial Areas - Not to exceed eight inches (8”).

3. Agriculture Areas - Not to exceed fifteen inches (15”).

Grass, weeds and brush which are allowed to grow in excess of the above specified limits will be deemed to be in violation of this ordinance.

Any property within the City of Perry, whether vacated or non-vacated, with grass, weeds or brush over the limits listed above on the first (1st) Wednesday of the month and the third (3rd) Wednesday of the month in the months of May, June, July, August, September, and October, will be moved by the City of Perry AND will be charged a fee. If payment is not received, the cost will be assessed to the property.

Please call City Hall at 515-465-2481if you have any questions.