LifeServe Blood Center visited the community room at the Dallas County Hospital on Friday, March 24. LifeServe was able to accept twenty-six out of the thirty-four donors, collecting thirty units of blood.

Upon arrival, potential donors must come with a parental guardian if they are under the age of sixteen. A required weight is set at least 120 pounds to donate, along with an overall good health stance. Donors must also provide their ID or a valid form of identification. Before the process begins, donors will sit down with team members and get iron levels tested.

Territory Representative at LifeServe Blood, Reilly Cady, explains the many factors that play a part in being turned away from donating.

“A lot of things related to iron levels or low hemoglobin,” Cady said. “Iron is probably one of the largest.”

Cady says other factors including exposure to malaria areas during abroad travel or even common sickness can turn a donor away.

“Someone who has had the flu recently will have to wait a while to donate,” Cady said.

For those who are able to donate, snacks and refreshments are provided afterwards in order to make sure donors are feeling healthy afterwards.

If donating isn’t possible, Cady says there are other ways to give back.

“We know donation is not for everyone, so we are always looking for volunteers to help serve refreshments or be a friendly face,” Cady said.

The LifeServe Clinic sets up in the community room every other month for blood donations. The next blood drive will be held on Friday, May 26.