March 28, 2017

Selvin Ivan Santos-Ortez of 522 Northeast Ninth Street, Ankeny, was arrested in the 2500 block of First Street and charged with driving under suspension.

Bonnie JoAnne Ikerd of 1417 Fifth Street, Perry, reported that a group of kids took a bag of trash off the curb and dumped it in the street. Officer Sienkiewicz was unable to locate the people responsible.

March 26, 2017

Noah Wilkening, of Perry, reported a hit-and-run accident at 13th and Lucinda. It appeared that someone sideswiped his vehicle when trying to park along the curb on Lucinda.

March 25, 2017

A caller advised that he had just witnessed a woman shoplifting from the Dollar General. She took clothes off the hangers and put it in the passenger side and left.

Linda Ann Ridge of 32172 610th Avenue, Cambridge, was arrested at 500 Fourth Street, Perry, on an Adel warrant for violation of probation.

March 24, 2017

Four callers called 911 from the landfill to report a male in a red sweater laying in the ditch just north of town on the east side of the road. Officer Schuttler advised that it was Beau Eady, whom they had dealt with earlier. Eady said he was waiting for a ride to Rippey.

Ramona Lynn Matthews of Jamaica reported seeing an open window as she drove by her property that is currently vacant and is being debugged. She said she went in and heard foot steps on the main level of the home. She yelled to scare them off but did not get an answers. Said there were foot prints over a white powder in the living room. Officer Schuttler walked through the residence and reported that no one was there.

Dallas County advised that they learned the address of a juvenile who has been making numerous 911 calls to Dallas County and Perry. Requested an officer respond to 235 Pattee Street and talk to the juvenile. The juvenile’s father brought him to the police department and Officer Jans talked with the juvenile about his behavior.

Donny Lee Cannon of 1818 Sixth Street, Perry, was arrested at this address and charged with domestic abuse - simple assault.

March 22, 2017

Kevin Charles McAtee of Perry called and advised that he had hit a deer on J Avenue, approximately two miles south of the river bridge.