On Tuesday, March 21, a special Board of Education meeting took place regarding the Superintendent search for the Perry Community School District. At the initial hiring process meeting on Feb. 17, the board identified July 1 as the tentative starting date for the Superintendent by the PCSD School Board.

The tentative interview dates for potential candidates are scheduled for Wednesday, March 29 and Thursday, March 30.

The PSCD expressed desire in having around six candidates interview for the position.

The PCSD previously expressed in the Feb. 17 meeting a mutual desire to have groupings of individuals oversee the interview process. In Tuesday’s meeting, the Board confirmed that the following groups will conduct and score interviews made by Superintendent candidates: “Administrative,” “Teacher,” “Director,” “Community,” and “School Board.”

The Board discussed having each group take around an hour to interview, allowing for fifteen minute breaks in between.

The discussion of meals was brought to attention as the potential candidates may be working alongside the School District throughout the duration of a day. The Board agreed that candidates will have a free slot to for both lunch and dinner.

Previously, the PCSD favored the creation of an overall score sheet that kept each group member anonymous. School Board Member Linda Andorf noted the idea of using the same colored pens throughout the judging to further keep anonymity.

The Board agreed in the initial Feb. 17 meeting that they want to make the Superintendent search both “objective and fair.”

The open meeting became closed once the discussion of time slots for groups were discussed.