The jury selection for the criminal case involving the murder of three in Perry last October began Monday, March 13. The state of Iowa has accused defendant Carlos Hernandez-Ventura of three counts of first degree murder.

Monday, jury selection was made from the group of potential members. Fourteen jurors will be involved in Hernandez’s case.

Individuals were asked the following questions by Sean Wieser, Dallas County Attorney: “Has anybody in this section of the jury heard of Mr. Carlos Hernandez-Ventura?,” “Does anyone know who Lourdes Leake? She also went by the first name or nickname of Flor?, How about Melany Barraza? How about Juan Jimenez?”

Judge Paul Huscher ruled in favor of arranging two interpreters for Ventura-Hernandez due to a partial understanding of the English language.

“Mr. Hernandez speaks and understands some English, but it is my judgment that his understanding of English is not sufficient to ensure that he has a full understanding of these procedures,” Huscher said. “So I have authorized the use of interpreters in this case.”

Huscher mentioned the use of interpreters for the sake of the jury due to an anticipated testimony in Spanish.

“Additionally, some testimony during this trial is expected to be given in Spanish,” Huscher said.

Hernandez is being represented by Jill Eimermann and Michael Adams. The County Attorneys for this case include Erica Clark and Sean Wieser.

The trial is estimated to take up to eight days.