On Saturday, Feb. 25, the Perry Kiwanis Club held its annual Pancake Festival located at the McCreary Building. Members from the Perry Kiwanis Club cooked breakfast items while students from the Perry High School Junior class cleaned tables.

The Pancake Festival is the largest fundraiser for the organization for the Kiwanis Club. Typically, the Kiwanis Club takes a large portion from funds and later puts the money towards their annual scholarship gift offered to members of the graduating senior class. The Kiwanis Club prides itself on supporting youth from the community.

Attendees were served an assortment of breakfast food from pancakes to sausage at Saturday’s event. Admission was $7 at the door and $5 for children under the age of 12. This year, the Pancake Festival served 603 individuals.

In addition to receiving breakfast, attendees were able to purchase homemade items from the Junior Class Bake Sale. Items were made by the parents of the Junior Class and offered a variety of items.

“Prom is self-funded,” Trisda Nielsen, Parent working the Bake Sale, said. “We have a very active parent group this year and we’re really lucky.”

In addition to hosting a bake sale, the Kiwanis Club hired members of the Junior Class to clean tables at the event, allowing members to pool in more funds for their Prom on April 29.

Kiwanis Club President, Tricia Steffen, said the overall event was a hit.

“Snow kind of delayed it for a bit, but it’s been busy,” Steffen said at the breakfast.

Funds from Saturday’s event will go towards their annual scholarship fund award offered to the graduating senior class. Since 2007, the Kiwanis Club has given out over $25,000 in scholarship funds and over $72,000 in total donations. Four to five scholarships are offered every year, with a total of around $600.00 each.