On Wednesday, Feb. 22, the Dallas County Hospital held its Mobile Food Drive from 4-6 p.m. in the Dallas County Hospital parking lot. The Mobile Food Drive is in the process of signing their contract for another year, providing its services to Perry and surrounding communities.

The Mobile Food Drive is a partnership with combined efforts from the Dallas County Hospital, Feeding America, and the Food Bank of Iowa. Hunger-Free Dallas County member, Kari Severson, is the Dallas County Hospital representative of the organization, and was able to coordinate the event with the Food Bank of Iowa in 2016.

Enough food for 180 households is typically ordered, Severson said, but she anticipates the event will draw in more crowds over time.

The Wednesday event featured record-high temperatures, allowing Dallas County Hospital volunteers to put on sunglasses and roll up their sleeves.

“The hardest part was trying to figure out how to do it efficiently,” Severson said. “The last two times worked really well.”

The Mobile Food Drive is offered to all, without limiting patrons by school district or county. Severson said the Mobile Food Drive was able to serve 167 households, totaling out to around 527 people. Wednesday’s occasion brought in folks from Dallas, Boone, Guthrie, Greene, and Polk counties.

Upon entering the food drive, goers are asked their name, phone number, as well as the county they reside in. Severson said this is done as a means of procedure in the case of an item becoming recalled later on.

The most common pick-up is done through a vehicle, but Severson commented that walking through the food drive is also welcome.

“We’re re-upping our contract for a full year,” Severson said. “So we’re in the process of doing that.”

The next Mobile Food Drive will be held in April at the parking lot of the Dallas County Hospital. If interested in volunteering in the future, contact Macinzie McFarland, Marketing and Communications Manager at the Dallas County Hospital: (515) 465-3547.