The Perry Historic Preservation Commission and Hometown Heritage seeks applicants for Perry’s Wall of Witnesses. All applications must be received by March 8, 2017.

The Wall of Witnesses, located at Soumas Court, represents those who have shown character in caring for the present and future of Perry. Applications for a spot on the wall are currently available to the public and can be picked up at the following locations: the McCreary Community Building, the Perry Public Library, Perry City Hall. Members of the Perry Historic Preservation Commission also have the applications available.

“I think it means people that have been a part of our community that have given a lot of their time and effort into improving our community,” said Jeanette Peddicord, Chairman of the Perry Historic Preservation Commission.

Gary Martin, President of the Perry Historic Preservation Commission, looks for embedded details: hard-workers, family-oriented, unique back stories, and an overall tie to the community.

“I am going to nominate three or four more this year,” Martin said. “Not necessarily because they’re my favorites, but I want them nominated to get on the list.”

If an applicant is not accepted, their efforts will not be forgotten.

“We always review them every time to go back and refresh,” Martin said.

The Perry Historic Preservation Commission saves each applicant for the following year, taking the time during their meeting to evaluate each applicant, past and present.

In order to determine who the selection will become, members go through a few rounds of voting.

“The first vote is pretty diversified, so then after that, we take maybe the top four and then we as a group do the pros and cons,” Peddicord said.

Peddicord believes the names on the wall are ones worth remembering.

“I just really hope that there’s enough interest in it that we can keep it going,” Peddicord said. “We do have some worthwhile names on the wall.”

The nomination is not only considered an honor, but it’s recognition of a tradition Martin hopes doesn’t falter.

“It ties people together with their town, with their organizations, with their fellow people,” Martin said. “It’s just one of those things that you don’t have today.”

Those with questions should reach out to Gary Martin at 515-465-2368 or Jeanette Peddicord at 515-465-3337.

Applications should be sent to Perry Historic Preservation, PO Box 545, Perry, IA 50220.