On Monday, Feb. 20, the Woodward-Granger CSD School Board met for a regular scheduled meeting. All School Board members were present at Monday night’s meeting and addressed the following highlights from the agenda.

Push for middle school and high school yearbook sales

Woodward Granger High School Principal Robert Boley discussed the need for advertisement in the 2017-2018 yearbook. Boley oversees the project and is looking to cater to both the high school and middle school classes. Currently, the middle school and high school share the yearbook. The Board has tossed out the idea of minimizing the size of the yearbook from 104 pages to 92 pages and encourages the yearbook to seek out ads.

Technology Update: Technology Director leaning towards Chrome, away from Apple

“We want to make technology always on,” Technology Director, Cody Churchill told to the School Board.

Churchill presented to the board his proposal of moving the school district to Chromebooks in contrast to staying with Apple products. The current 1:1 lease will be up this year and Churchill explained how the Chromebooks would be a great investment. Students would switch over to Chromebooks while teachers would stay with their current Apple products. The cost per Chromebook would reside around $160 dollars, making the investment to Google Chrome cheaper than Apple. The proposal is still in the beginning stage.

Approval of materials for track: high jump repair, starting block kit, starting blocks

The Woodward Granger CSD hosts two high school track meets and one middle school track meet every year. The materials will be stored inside during the winter. The School Board approved the purchase of track equipment for $9,039.89.

“This will be paid for using a combination of activity funds, PPEL (Physical Plant and Equipment Levy), and or sales tax dollars,” School Board Vice President, Jennifer Benbow said.

The Woodward Granger CSD School Board will meet again on Monday, March 6.