As Operation We Care enters its second month, I would like to thank everyone for their generous giving toward this special mission. The community has given more than $1,900 in donations.

What a wonderful start! With four months to go, we have already reached 10 percent of the goal.

There is one question I am asked over and over again: "What brought on starting such a project?" Before I answer, let me first say, "I don’t believe in coincidences." I believe that things happen for a reason and are finely designed by a Creator God, even when we do not understand it.

Whatever it is, though, it seems to always get back to one’s faith and in what or in whom it is placed.

Now I will answer the question. On Trinity’s Facebook page late last summer, a picture of a child on a wheelchair-accessible swing showed up on my screen. The expression on the child’s face said it all, and it touched my heart.

This caused me to go to Trinity’s congregation and suggest a mission to place handicap swings in our city park. My suggestion was received with positive comments.

That prompted me to check with the city of Perry, where I also found support.

After speaking with people in the community about the project, I found a very encouraging feeling to go ahead with it.

Since beginning the project in February, more than $900 has been received through collection cans and individual donations given by generous people in the community. Another $1,300 has been raised in corporate donations. This reveals to me a community that truly does care.

We still have a way to go in reaching our goal of $15,000. In making this a reality, we still need help.

If you would like to help support this project please send a tax deductible donation to: Trinity Lutheran Church "Operation We Care" c/o Pastor Ken, 2715 Iowa Street, Perry, IA. 50220.

You can also find Operation We Care collection cans in the Casey’s on First Avenue and the Casey’s on Willis Avenue, and in Ben’s Five and Dime, Casa De Oro and Blue Rock Guitar.

My next update will come in the first week of April. Can we build it? Yes, we can.